Ternian insurance plans cover select providers in Mexico

Mexico is the world’s second-largest medical tourism destination.[1]  Latino employees residing in border states frequently seek care in Mexico based on the affordability of treatment options and cultural preferences. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 61% of US patients traveled to Mexico for healthcare because of cost.[2]  This makes traditional limited medical benefit insurance plans with US-only providers less appealing for these employees.
To meet this need, Ternian is offering expanded coverage that includes healthcare and dental providers in Mexico. These facilities are committed to quality care and provide a wide variety of services—from regular office visits and certain diagnostic tests to dispensing of prescription drugs.
What does this expansion mean?
Marketing to Latino populations provides greater potential to increase membership. Employers can help their workers stretch their benefits while helping ensure that Latino employees can connect with culturally-appropriate care.


How do employees access these providers?
Once the employer elects to offer the expanded network, the Ternian enrollment website will be updated to reflect this change. Employees will be able to access the providers immediately upon enrollment in the plan. It’s that simple.


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