MEC Solutions

Minimum Essential Coverage

An affordable starting point for employers seeking ACA-Compliant Solutions


Minimal Essential Coverage (MEC) includes “skinny” or “bare bones” plans that fit the very limited requirements for employer-sponsored, self-funded coverage established by PPACA and related tax codes to date.* A lack of clarity from federal regulators about what type of core medical benefits (if any) must be included in MEC has led to employer interest in this new approach.


In fact, many industry experts have confirmed that by simply offering 100% coverage for Preventive Benefits as required by CMS, employers will meet MEC standards and will therefore be able to avoid the $2,000 (per employee) mandate penalty in 2015.** This MEC preventive-only coverage may also help employees avoid penalties for remaining uninsured in 2014 and beyond.**


At Ternian, we believe that it is important for employers to have a comprehensive multi-year strategy for ACA compliance. Our MEC must be paired with either a fully-insured limited-benefit health plan or a self-funded, “qualifying” minimum essential value plan (60/40 actuarial value). Rates start at approximately $50 per month and since these are self-funded benefits, employer contribution is required.

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* As of August, 2013.

** This is the understanding of the general marketplace at this time and is subject to change as additional HHS guidance is issued. Employers will still be responsible for a $3,000 penalty for each employee that enrolls in subsidized coverage through the Exchange.